Training and Mentorship for Early Stage CPG Food and Beverage Entrepreneurs


Building a conscious food and beverage business can be energizing. It can also be exhausting. Confusing. Lonely.

Maybe this also feels true to you....

You want to build your brand and share your products, mission and values widely, powerfully, and ethically but might feel sometimes unsure of how and where to be the most effective.

You seek ways to nurture yourself and connect with others who understand what you do

This mastermind group is an opportunity to develop community, receive guidance in business consultation, tap into the collective wisdom of group members, and to move forward. Together.


We will gather with the greatest intention: to support one another's growth so that our food and beverage entrepreneurial community thrives  

Everyone has a level of experience they bring to the group which is highly valuable. Business challenges rise quickly to the surface. You have to show up and lean in with courage and conviction. Together we’ll unpack those obstacles to growth, share the results of our successes and failures and explore alternatives.


How do I Join the Early Stage CPG Food and Beverage Mastermind Group?

The next group starts 2018 (dates tbc).  Here are the ingredients for the next 5 months:

10 mastermind meetings, private facebook group conversations, one 1:1 session

  • 6-8 entrepreneurs + myself Victor 
  • Dates to be confirmed
  • 10 Mastermind meetings (2 per month), through Zoom
  • One meeting per month contains a skill building exercise and/or guest speaker
  • Everyone will get personal focus each month
  • A one-on-one 45 minute call with Victor
  • Private Facebook group for ongoing conversations between meetings
  • 10% early bird discount if you register by (date to be confirmed)


The sessions will find a balance between the needs of the group and your needs as an entrepreneur. The group will meet online on Wednesdays 10-11.15am PST.  

Carefully Curated Group of Non-Competing Entrepreneurs

A mastermind group begins with trust and transparency. If you make Kombucha, you can be assured other makers of kombucha or similar products (water Kefir) that occupy the same category will not be permitted to join the group. 

This Mastermind group is for those who: 

  • Are food and beverage entrepreneurs who have been in business for at least 1-2 years
  • Would find support and community nourishing
  • Are committed to building a profitable sales business
  • See themselves as agents of change in strengthening a sustainable food system
  • Want to align heart and mind as they strive to build a strong, values driven brand  

What will happen through your participation in this experience?

  • Create community and connect with other entrepreneurs who understand truly what you do
  • Sharpen your focus
  • Deepen your skill set
  • Find supportive ingredients like warmth, trust and encouragement
  • Discover sales and marketing approaches that don't leave you feeling empty
  • Be in a place that will hold you accountable to your dreams and your business goals

Why Work with Victor

Victor is a trusted voice and leader in the conscious food and beverage entrepreneurial community and has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs from start-ups to early stage and mature companies in the U.S and abroad.  He has built a thriving consulting business. Victor is also a writer and speaker and believes in using his experience and network to drive positive disruption and strengthen sustainable supply chains.  In addition, he has a healthy warped British sense of humor, a love of soccer and a deep passion for foraging.  Find out more information about Victor here.

How to Start

Complete the Mastermind Group form. We'll have a chat. You can ask all your questions and we'll go from there.