Soul Search to Startup

Decide if you Want to Launch a Product Without Leaving The House  

Have you been nurturing a packaged product idea or ideas for a while but are uncertain what to do? This idea of yours feeds you deeply but is not easy. You want a trusted space to unpack your feelings around the subject with someone who truly understands consumer goods and what it takes to build a business. Welcome to a first of a kind 'pre-incubator' course. We will help you 'soul search',  understand if entrepreneurship is right for you and give you the resources to make a decision to move forward or not into 'startup phase'. And you won't even need to leave your house!


From Contemplation to Decision

Starting a consumer packaged goods (CPG for short) business can be exhilarating, energizing and rewarding. But it can also be exhausting, lonely and confusing. But every business, big or small starts with that nervous first step. Our online Mastermind course will help you to understand YOU as a person and prospective entrepreneur. And provide you with the resources to embark on your entrepreneurial journey with confidence or provide the clarity you need to not move forward and prevent you from investing significant time, energy and financial resources in the venture. If you have an idea or concept that is pre-revenue and are looking for guidance, mentorship and the support of a trusted community, this course is for you.


Here's Our Mastermind Plan

We will meet as follows: 

  • Course begins May 29th, 2018
  • We will meet online, every Tuesday, 6-7.15pm PST for 6 weeks (excluding 4th July week)
  • 6-8 budding entrepreneurs + facilitators (Victor Willis and Kristin Schuchman)
  • One meeting a week + assignments
  • A one-on-one 30-45 minute minute call with Victor and Kristin
  • 10% early bird discount if you register by May 24th, 2018



 ‘We live in a connection economy’ (Seth Godin)


This mastermind Is For You If:

  • You have an idea or multiple ideas and seek clarity on a way forward
  • You want guidance and mentoring on the reality of commercializing your product idea 
  •  You would find support from community nourishing 
  • You want to understand more about YOU as a human being before you become a business owner 
  • You want to assess your entrepreneurial readiness


About Us

Victor Willis (Co-Facilitator)

I love working with disruptive food, beverage and wellness entrepreneurs to help them launch, grow and scale their business for maximum impact.

I have owned and run a thriving sales and marketing CPG consulting firm Campbeltown for over 8 years. In addition, I am a product developer and trained food scientist with 10 years of corporate retail and brokerage experience in the U.S, Europe and Asia. I have worked with notable companies from $0M revenue start-ups to $1B businesses such as Fishpeople, Rogue Creamery, New Seasons Market, Fairtrade Foundation and Organic Valley and been an integral part of many food incubators and accelerators.   

In terms of work approach, I always strive to understand an entrepreneur as a human being and their values in order to ensure their branding, sales and growth are in alignment with their crystal clear vision and goals.


Kristin Schuchman (Co-Facilitator)

I enjoy working with visionaries willing to break rules to blaze a dynamic path. I love helping career seekers and entrepreneurs thrive while leaving their unique impression on the world. Helping career changers lift the fog and determine their next steps to find careers that bring fulfill their personal and financial needs and work for their lives. I am not a recruiter, I am not interested in just "getting you a job." I am more interested in helping you build a career to keep you happy in the long term.

In addition to being a Certified Business Coach and a member of the Forbes Coaching Council, I have an MSW and more than 20 years running successful businesses, including Nervy Girl magazine and Mixed Media Branding. Nervy Girl enjoyed a loyal following in Portland, awarded Best New Magazine Title by Utne magazine in 2001. Mixed Media Branding performed services for over 50 companies, including Portland Adventist Hospital, Classique Floors, Bipartisan Cafe, Five Guys Burgers, and Square Deal Remodeling.  

As a career and business coach, I offer mix of personal branding expertise, counseling skills, and clear-headed insight, helping creatives, solopreneurs, and changemakers navigate less linear career paths. 


How to Join?