Time to Find a Consultant, Coach or Accountability Partner?

 Starting, growing or expanding a natural, organic or specialty food, beverage or wellness brand - what we call ‘conscious brands’ - can be exciting. Yet, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the decisions you have to make.  The knowledge base needed might exceed your expertise. This happens to every entrepreneur  – it’s a sign of growth.                    

                       There’s a voice inside that says, “It’s time to find some specialist help.”

 If you’re unsure which way to go; you’re in need of support around your business growth; you need a board confidante; or you’re pursuing goals but need an accountability partner then we can help.                     

We provide a range of comprehensive business development, consulting and coaching services. We can help you step up your sales and marketing game; enhance your profitability; and strengthen your value chain. We’ll partner to understand where you are now, where you want to go and co-develop strategies to help you get to there. All without losing sight of an important element: Ensuring you maintain your focus on making a delicious product that has a sustainable impact.   

A). Business Development Support

Need support on a day-to-day basis around your sales, marketing and business development? This frequently involves more 'roll up your sleeves' attention and less armchair consulting. You might be suited for this service if you’re looking for help with:

  • Account development and trade show management
  • Selection and management of brokers
  • Sales planning and execution
  • COGS, pricing and enhancing profitability
  • Forecasting and budgeting
  • Other advice, support and leadership in accordance with your needs (operations, team structure etc)
  • U.S export and import strategies
  • Starts at $750. Pricing is dependent on project scope and complexity

B). Coaching and Mentoring (Individual or Group)

Individual/Business Coaching

We offer a variety of coaching packages to suit the needs of YOU as an individual and YOUR business. You might be suited for individual or group coaching with us if:

  • You want to know how to create a brand that leaves a significant legacy
  • You’re ready to ‘up your game’ and step into your role as a conscious CPG leader
  • You want an accountability partner to help you through a critical project or initiative in your growth
  • You want more support and accountability to sharpen your business skills

Your investment:

  • 1 session – $200
  • 3 sessions for $540 (must be used within 2 months)
  • 5 sessions for $825 (must be used within 3 months)
  • 10 sessions for $1495 (must be used within 6 months)

 Mastermind Group Coaching

Thirsty for peer-to-peer conversations? It’s time to impact your business in a fresh way. Welcome to a new kind of ingredient for your business: Mastermind Groups. These offer accountability and support to sharpen skills and position you for success.

  • We’ll meet twice a month as a group (90 minutes per session) for 6 months.
  • 5-6 entrepreneurs. One company per product category
  • Details available here
  • $275/month.  Watch this space for when the next group starts


C). Consulting

 We offer a range of specialized business consulting options for specific projects to suit your needs. 

 ‘SEED’ Kit for Start-Ups

Our ‘SEED’ (Sow, Educate, Energize, Develop) kit includes critical components to help you in the early phase of your business.  This is one of our most popular services

  • Pre-business questionnaire work
  • 90-minute one-to-one session in person or via Zoom
  • Focus on 3-5 areas in depth with practical insights and recommendations
  • Comprehensive notes emailed after the session
  • Email support for the following 2 weeks
  • 2 booster calls (10-15 minutes duration per call)
  • $475 fee 

‘NOURISH’ package for Early-Stage Businesses

You have moved beyond the survival stage of your business but you need to put down more solid roots as an early-stage business. You might be suited for this package if you’re looking for help with:

  • Pitch decks for retail presentations
  • Preparation for trade shows, demo’s or consumer events
  • CEO, Sales Director, Buyer, Broker and Distributor training
  • Training around specifics like category management, sales planning or broker scorecards
  • Consumer goods marketing and retailing
  • Company evaluations and due diligence for prospective investors
  • Strategy and business development
  • $750-$2,000/month

‘GROW’ package for Mature Businesses

You have been in business for at least 3-5 years. You have infrastructure, an established supply chain and employees. Yet, there are many areas in need of attention. You might be suited for this package if you’re looking for help with:

  • Managing your product portfolio (deletions, new items, trend analysis )
  • Strengthening profitability and containing costs
  • Filling critical gaps in the business on a temporary or interim basis
  • Extending brand into new categories
  • Strategic options
  • Category reviews and sales strategies
  • Market reviews for private equity discussions
  • $2,500-$5,000/month

D). Customized Services

Looking for full service support on a project.  Contact us for a quotation. Victor has excellent relationships with professionals in Marketing Communications, PR, Packaging Design, Social Media, Accounting, State Offices and Federal Agencies.  

 If one or more of the packages resonate with you then you and your conscious food, beverage or wellness business might be a good fit. To explore further, please contact me at  I’ll provide a form to complete so I can truly understand your aspirations.  We can then schedule time to talk.

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