You’ve got a great packaged food or beverage product.

You have a label, some sales, limited distribution, a growing tribe.

Your dream……….your food business is MORE than a hobby.

Your hope…….you’ll know how to make the best decisions to support your dream.

You’ve spent a lot of time on developing your product. And then there is the business development part. You want to feel confident and clear, but honestly there’s a nagging sense of doubt. Do I know what I need to know to grow my food business? Am I taking the most effective and efficient steps? Why is my business not growing in the way I envisioned? Things could be better if I could just find a group of entrepreneurs in the same boat as me. Wanting more collaboration and accountability.  Along with some expertise.


Getting support as you figure out how to achieve your business goals

The feeling of being understood by entrepreneurs with similar challenges  

Having a trusted, experienced group to call on when you are at a crossroads

It’s Time to Bravely Grow Beyond Existing Barriers

As an entrepreneur, you’re used to doing it all. When the early advisers have left the proverbial kitchen, who else is there? You are thirsty for conversations and want a team of like-minded entrepreneurs to energize, support and hold you accountable. You want guidance from someone familiar with proven strategies.

‘We live in a connection economy’ (Seth Godin)

The good news is there’s a better way to leverage your business and tap into the collective wisdom of food makers like you. It’s called a Mastermind Group. Masterminds gives you support and make taking risks and trying new things much more accessible and do-able. But they are not meet up free for alls. Masterminds have a specific purpose and structure. They are facilitated by a business strategist and coach. And populated by fellow entrepreneurs as focused on growth and success as you are.


I’m Victor Willis. I work with food and beverage entrepreneurs on business development. I combine intense focus with an unwavering commitment to helping and coaching entrepreneurs succeed and share their success.

Learn more about my new facilitated Mastermind Groups and how to join here.