Founder Series

March 27, 2017 by Victor

Founder stories provide insight to the dreams and motivations behind the launch of wonderful social and environmental food and beverage brands. I enjoy reading them - Dang Foods, Host Defense, Back to the Roots, Wilcox Farms, Rogue Creamery - I could go on. But I often want more. For example, on their entrepreneurial journey, what is some of the best business advice they have received? Advice they continue to use to this day and perhaps share with their team? Welcome to the Founder Series. 

I started by asking this very question of one or two founders at Expo West 2017 in Anaheim, California: The largest natural and organic food show in the world. This is the space I live, breathe and work in everyday. It's my passion. Intrigued by the responses and the eagerness with which entrepreneurs shared their thoughts, I expanded the question to three, four and five founders. Then a few more. I quickly realized that I had tapped into two of what author and business coach Tony Robbins calls the essential human needs: connection and contribution.  

Founders are people that want to solve problems. Yes. But they also want to connect and contribute.  And in today's sharing generation, it means that sharing intangible assets like knowledge and insights is not just cool and clever. It can and frequently does positively impact a brand's equity.

So. Welcome to the Founder Series. I'm excited to share insights with you from Founders across different food, beverage and wellness categories over the next few weeks in the form of a daily meme  HERE and on my blog. To learn more about how I can help your business subscribe to my newsletter: