7 Tips to Prepare for Winter Fancy Food 2017

January 21, 2017 by Victor

Less than 24 hours until Fancy Food. Ready? Here's a laser list of 7 tips for exhibitors to ensure they extract maximum benefit from the event in San Franciso.

1). Plan Ahead – Trade shows can be overwhelming in their size and scope.  Establish clear goals and metrics before you set up in the Moscone Center. Looking for retail contacts? Brokers? Contract packers? If you're looking for specialty retailers in the mountain and mid-west states, it's far better to identify 20 key retail connections than leave with 100 business cards from non-targeted retailers. 

2). Bring Comfortable Shoes - You're standing all day or walking between rooms and floors. Bring a couple of pairs of comfortable shoes. Your feet will thank you and you'll walk a bit taller and ooze more confidence in your favorite footwear. 

3). Walk the Show -Scrutinize your schedule to make time available to review new products and attend educational seminars. After all, it's free market research!

4). Be Present – No matter how much planning you do, remember to be flexible and open to possibilities.  A random conversation while in line for a coffee could yield surprising results in the form of a new contact or inspiration for new marketing content.

5). Bring Business Cards – Whereas business cards are going towards a digital format (we can thank LinkedIn, Evernote Hello and other apps for that), traditional business cards are an asset as they do represent a first impression and are important extensions of your brand.  They are also an alternative notelet. When you receive a card, it can be helpful to write down the details of the conversation on the back of the business card such as when, where, how and why you met the person. 

6). Bring Snacks and a Water Bottle – Food shows will always have food for you, but do you want to eat kimchi in the booth next to you at 9am because you missed breakfast at the hotel? To each his own! But consider bringing along a few favorite snacks and a water bottle. Just because it’s a food show doesn’t mean that everything tastes good and is worthy of your palate.

7). Post Show Plan – Did the show meet your objectives? Follow-ups should be concise, timely and have purpose. If you don’t respond to new contacts within 2-3 days someone else will. Keep your show conversations moving.


Good luck!!


Victor Willis is Owner of Campbeltown Consulting, based in Portland, OR that helps bring natural, organic and specialty products to  market