15 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Launch Your Brand

January 31, 2017 by Victor

So, congratulations! You’ve beta tested your product among friends, at a consumer show or perhaps at a pop-up seasonal fair. The reaction to your product far exceeded your expectations.  Now what? Specifically, what are the questions you need to ask yourself in order to launch your brand?  


 There’s a voice inside that says “It’s time to step up and roll out my brand to a wider audience”. Perhaps you want to target a farmers market, a food co-op, an independent store, a small local chain or more consumer shows. What can you do to best prepare yourself for a launch?  The answer is you’ve already taken an important first step and sold some product.  To take the next step, consider these 15 questions below. Forewarned is forearmed.  It’s important to be ready for conversations and have the information available for prospective business partners like food brokers, distributors and retailers.


  1. Tell me about your company? What problem does your product solve?
  2. Describe your product and brand in 30 seconds or less?
  3. What makes your product cheaper, different or unique in your targeted category?
  4. What kind of personality does my brand have?
  5. Who are my customers?
  6. What customers do I want to have (target market)?
  7. Do you have a professional bio about yourself?
  8. Who are my competitors?
  9. What is my competitors’ brand position?
  10. Ask yourself why a retailer should delete a product to make room for your brand?
  11.  Will your product expand the category or cannibalize sales of existing products (and take  market share away from existing brands in stores)?
  12.  Where have you beta tested your product and why?
  13.  Do you have a business plan, marketing plan, social media plan and budget to drive your products into natural and specialty retailers?
  14.  Do you have funding in place for case free fills or other allowances?
  15.  What types of marketing and media will you roll out to build awareness, demand and sales in retail stores?