About Us

Mission & Philosophy

Campbeltown Consulting helps connect values-driven food, drink and wellness businesses and non-profits with the tools and resources needed to foster profitable sales growth and build brands with souls.

Our approach is to help companies in the natural, organic and artisan community identify obstacles in their path to improving profitable sales and enhance brand equity.

We lead teams and individuals through our proprietary business diagnostic to identify pain points to growth and create a roadmap for brand activation, profitable sales growth and enhanced sustainability values.

Working for start-ups and established brands, investors, suppliers, food non-profits, trade associations, academic institutions and retailers in North America, Europe and Asia has given us a breadth and depth of experience that makes us the ideal long-term sustainable and values driven partner for any food and drinks business.

Strategic Thinking

We help companies with products and services that are good for people and good for the planet win in the marketplace. Anchored in robust research, conversations and analysis, we craft specific and measurable solutions to achieve your goals.

We listen carefully to the passion behind your brand, your challenges, your business objectives and through use of our Business Development Diagnostic ™, we develop sales and marketing strategies and tactics to help your goals such as driving profitable sales growth, expanding your broker/distributor network or amplifying your brand equity. 

Whatever your business brief, we always aim to deliver solutions with authenticity, relevance and value.

Walking the Walk

Consulting donates 5% of pretax earning to nonprofits that reflect the values and missions of our clients.

Victor Willis, Principal

Having lived and worked in Europe, Asia and North America, Victor enjoys working with a wide spectrum of entrepreneurs and managers deeply committed to the integrity and social values of their brands. With eighteen years of experience developing natural, organic, fair trade and environmentally conscious brands for different retail channels, Victor is well-versed in the multi-step process of brand development and sales management.

Victor began his career sourcing, developing and implementing a business plan for a small ethnic bread supplier, Mayur Foods, in Leicester, England. He went on to formulate a business development strategy for the Fairtrade Foundation (UK), manage product development for the $500m dairy and bakery unit at Safeway Europe and lead development and revitalization of Kroger’s organic brand in the natural channel. Read more