Like you, we believe that food preparation and farming are crafts and a source of pleasure and social fusion. We understand that your motivation to work is driven by a genuine love and passion for the craft of sustainably growing and preparing food and drink. We feel the same way.

Our consultancy has provided consulting and coaching services to natural, organic and artisan companies for more than 20 years. Today, we work with clients across the food and agricultural supply chain from farmers, co-operatives and trade associations to food makers and manufacturers. We offer support, guidance and expertise to start-up, early stage and established brands looking for business development services and coaching. 

Our mix of global experience applied through a local lens gives us the expertise we need to take a broad view of clients' needs and respond to whatever might arise.

It’s easy to make money. It’s much harder to make an impact. 

Whatever the needs of your company, Campbeltown Consulting can help you think through every step of your goals.


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Authentic, values-driven marketing strategies continue to positively impact the bottom line of food and drink companies. Whole Foods is a good example. Read this blog post from the New Hope 360 blog to find out more about Whole Food's mission-based approach.

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